Together for safe medication in children

Children are disadvantaged in terms of drug therapy. Information on dosages is often missing. If dosage errors occur, these can have serious consequences for the young patients. For this reason we have developed PEDeDose. An innovative, web-based tool that calculates the dosage of drugs individually for each patient.

PEDeDose calculates dosages for your patients

PEDeDose makes your everyday work with children's medical care easier. With a few clicks and the input of data such as the age and weight of your patient, the tool calculates the optimal individual dosage for each selected drug.


This is how you benefit


PEDeDose is a web-based tool in which you can efficiently search for drugs and receive individual dosages for your patients.


PEDeDose contains all the important active ingredients that are used in children's clinics. The data are based on studies and the experience of the University Children's Hospital Zurich and are kept up to date.

Ready for use

Whether as a clinic, doctor's practice or pharmacy - access PEDeDose online or integrate it into your existing IT systems.


PEDeus wishes Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year


It is a long overdue Christmas present for many sick children: the Swiss Federal Council and now also the Council of States strongly support the mandatory use of "Clinical Decision Support" tools in children's hospitals and public pharmacies in order to increase the medication safety in children. We also see these signals from politics as an incentive to turn our vision into reality.

We wish you a peaceful and relaxing Chistmas season and all the best for the New Year!