PEDeDose integrates nationally harmonized dosages


In the near future, SwissPedDose dosages will also be available in PEDeDose. This is the national database on dosages of medicines for children, financed by the federal government. Our customers can call up the nationally harmonised recommendations directly on PEDeDose and, thanks to our integrated calculator, PEDeDose calculates the individual dosage for each patient.

PEDeDose: pay annual fees and save costs at the same time


As announced, we are introducing annual fees for the use of PEDeDose from 1 October 2019. For only CHF 275 (excl. VAT) per year, specialists will benefit from the extensive functions. With PEDeDose, health institutions can also make their daily work more efficient by enabling their specialists to calculate individual drug doses more efficiently and safely. Here you can calculate with just a few details how much resources you can save thanks to PEDeDose.

Cooperation with HCI Solutions


To make PEDeDose more convenient to use, we work closely with HCI Solutions. Now our tool PEDeDose can be used directly from two HCI Solutions products, "Documedis Medication Editor" and

HCI Solutions makes the eMediplan available to healthcare providers via the web application "Documedis Medication Editor". When the child data and the medication are entered there, the data can be forwarded to PEDeDose with a single click, where the patient-specific dosage is automatically calculated. is the drug platform of HCI Solutions. One click on the selected drug takes the user from directly to the corresponding product on PEDeDose. The same also works the other way round.

PEDeus congratulates the Fanconi Award winner Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Berger


At the two-day annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Paediatrics in Bellinzona, Prof. Dr. Christoph Berger (University Children's Hospital Zurich) was awarded the popular Fanconi Award for his great commitment to SwissPedDose.

PEDeus congratulates him sincerely!

Most frequent cause of drug-related problems: inappropriate dosing


According to a recently published study, inappropriate dosing in neonates is the most frequent cause of drug-related problems. Even though the neonatal intensive care unit had dosing guidelines for all drugs. This was also the case in our study on prescribing errors at the University Children's Hospital Zurich a few years ago. In the meantime, however, the University Children's Hospital Zurich is relying on a sophisticated "clinical decision support tool" to reduce medication errors.




Dosing errors in children could be avoided with "clinical decision support"


Standalone databases are not enough to protect children from dosing errors - pediatricians need a "clinical decision support".

A remarkable study by Gildon BL et al. shows that clinical information systems in children's clinics do not sufficiently meet the requirements of electronic prescribing - and thus errors that could have been avoided are not avoided.

Accordingly, our youngest patients continue to suffer unnecessarily from partially serious consequences of medication errors.

The authors note the following: The use of indication specific dosing and the inclusion of weight based dosing recommendations and calculations would eliminate the majority of dosing errors.

Media release of the Children's Hospital Zurich on the launch of PEDeDose


Dosing drugs for children is difficult. The Children's Hospital Zurich has therefore founded a subsidiary - PEDeus - which has developed «PEDeDose». The online tool calculates the correct dosage for each child individually.

Our vision is to make medication safer for children.

More information about "PEDeDose" can be found in the attached media release.

Short Symposium on April 4, 2019


PEDeus invites you to a short symposium about "For safe medication in children". Detailed information can you find in our invitation flyer.

We are looking forward to your registration at info(at)pedeus(dot)ch!

The short symposium is accredited as SGP continuing education (2 SGP credits) and as FPH continuing education (12.5 FPH points in Hospital Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacy).

New website


As of today, we'll be appearing in a new look. We have brought our website up to date so that you can find all the relevant information about us and our services with just a few clicks and in an appealing form.

At Congress for Drug Information (Kongress für Arzneimittelinformation)


Together with the company Dosing, PEDeus organised a morning symposium at ADKA Congress for Drug Information in Cologne with the title "PEDeDose - for safe and efficient drug therapy in children". We thank all participants for the great interest!

Pre-launch of PEDeDose at the University Children's Hospital Zurich


We successfully launched PEDeDose at the Children's Hospital Zurich. Their medical staff can now access our tool via web service. We are already working on integrating PEDeDose directly into the "CGM Clinical" clinic information system of the children's hospital in order to make access even easier for healthcare professionals.

PEDeDose notified to Swissmedic


Good news: PEDeDose is notified as a medical device (class 1) to Swissmedic.