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More and more children's hospitals, doctor’s practices, pharmacies and healthcare professionals are using PEDeDose. Here, they describe their own experiences.

Apotheke im Spital Aarau AG

Katja Renette

Qualified Pharmacist in
Community Pharmacy

“We are always committed to providing safe, seamless and high-quality care to our patients, no matter what age group. An ill child often means a stressful exceptional situation for parents. Therefore, a great deal of empathy and specialist knowledge is required, especially when dealing with the smallest patients and their relatives. We rely on PEDeDose when there is uncertainty concerning the prescriptions. The extremely comprehensive and detailed database supports us in our everyday work in the pharmacy."


Cantonal Hospital Winterthur (KSW)

Prof. Dr. med.
Traudel Saurenmann

Director Department
Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

“As one of the large hospitals in Switzerland, we also take care of children and adolescents - be it in the emergency ward, in the day clinic, in the department of pediatric and adolescent medicine or in psychosomatics. Our treatment is geared to the needs of young patients. Their well-being is at the centre of everything we do. That's why we also rely on intelligent tools. PEDeDose supports our specialists in dosing medications. It makes their job easier and gives them more confidence when making medication decisions."


Practice Dr. Jäger-Strasser

Dr. med.
Marion Jäger-Strasser

Pediatrics and Adolescent
Medicine FMH

“The amount of specialised information is constantly increasing. As an independent doctor’s practice, we therefore also rely on intelligent tools such as PEDeDose. This allows us to quickly access relevant information, deepen our expertise and validate our decisions."


Waid & Triemli Hospitals

Prof. Dr. med.
Maren Tomaske

Head Physician
Children's Hospital Triemli

“We provide basic pediatric care in our catchment area. Our specialists treat newborns, infants, children and adolescents. This is a wide age range, which means that we have to respond individually to the needs of each patient. Also in terms of medication. This is where PEDeDose supports us: It allows our professionals to efficiently elicit medication dosages on a patient-by-patient basis."


University Children's Hospital Basel (UKBB)

University Children's
Hospital Basel

Independent Competence Centre
for Pediatrics and 
Adolescent Medicine,
Teaching and Research

“E-health tools support our specialists in treating ill children. Specifically, we use PEDeDose to determine and verify medication dosages. Our doctors have access to the PEDeDose web application for this purpose. We are currently looking at how we can integrate PEDeDose directly into our hospital information system. This would make it possible to retrieve the dosage data even more efficiently. We believe that we can improve medication safety with the help of smart tools like PEDeDose."


University Children's Hospital Zurich - Eleonor Foundation

Prof. Dr. med. 
Michael Grotzer

Medical Director

“Thanks to clinical experience and its own research, the Children's Hospital Zurich plays a pioneering role in the field of pediatric medication. To further consolidate this, the hospital has founded PEDeus AG as a spin-off. Since 2019, the "Clinical Decision Support" tool PEDeDose has been integrated into our hospital information system. This enables our doctors and pharmacists to prescribe medicines efficiently and in the correct dosages. Our experience shows that medication safety has increased with the use of PEDeDose."


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