With university origins and visionary goals

PEDeus AG was founded in the summer of 2018 as a subsidiary of the University Children's Hospital Zurich. The name PEDeus stands for "Pediatric decision support" - our core competence. In the beginning of 2019, we launched the innovative, web-based tool "PEDeDose", whose software was certified as a Class IIa medical device in December 2020. PEDeDose supports healthcare professionals in making decisions about drug dosing for children and thus ensures the safe use of pharmaceuticals.

Dr. phil. nat.
Priska Vonbach

MSc ETH Pharm. Sciences
dipl. fed. Pharmacist
Qualified Pharmacist in Hospital Pharmacy
and in Clinical Pharmacy
CAS in Web Engineering
CAS in Applied Statistics

MSc ETH Pharm. Sciences
Karin Käser

Head of Science
MSc ETH Pharm. Sciences
dipl. fed. Pharmacist
Qualified Pharmacist in Hospital Pharmacy
CAS in Clinical Pharmacy
FA FPH Vaccination and blood collection

Dr. sc. nat.
Miriam Mühlbeier Skilandat

Head of Quality Management
MSc Molecular Life Science
CPMS Certified Professional
for Medical Software

Dr. phil.
Silvina Bravo

Scientific Associate

Dr. sc. nat.
Monika Wälti

Scientific Associate
MSc Pharm. Sciences
dipl. fed. Pharmacist
CAS in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

MSc ETH Pharm. Sciences
Lukas Higi

PhD Student

Pharma Assistant
Michelle Guidoum


Susanne Ermanni


Children in focus

Children are disadvantaged in terms of medication. Dosages are often missing and medication is much more complex than in adults. This is why dosage errors occur ten times more frequently than in adults - sometimes with serious consequences for the young patients.

Our vision

PEDeus will perfect drug therapy and safety in children through clinical decision support. With the help of innovative web-based tools, healthcare professionals are supported in their decision-making and sick children can be given individually tailored drug dosages.

ISO and MDR certificates confirm our high quality

As a provider of a medical device, it is our concern to meet the highest quality standards. We are therefore pleased that PEDeus has received from the notified body TÜV SÜD both the ISO 13485:2016 Certificate for "Design and Development, Production and Distribution of Clinical Decision Support Software for Healthcare Professionals" and the Quality Management System Certificate according to the EU Regulation on Medical Devices (MDR). Our quality management system thus meets the strict requirements that apply to the medical device industry in Switzerland and the EU.


Winner of the Viktor Award

PEDeus is the winner of the Viktor Award in the category Newcomer (Startup) of the Year 2022. The prestigious prize in the Swiss healthcare sector is awarded following the selection of five nominated startups by means of public voting and jury decision. The initiators and organisers of Viktor are the two companies Medinside and Santémedia. The award stands for patient safety, digitalisation and paediatric medicine!


Our organisation

The proximity to the University Children's Hospital Zurich is important to us. However, the independent structure as a stock corporation allows us to implement more flexible regulatory conditions, obtain important certifications and be more agile in the eHealth market. Our Board of Directors is composed as follows:

  • Daniel Staffelbach, Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Attorney at Law and Partner at Walder Wyss AG
  • Oliver Sack, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Managing Director of the Children's Hospital Zurich Eleonor Foundation
  • Prof. Dr. med. Michael Grotzer, Member of the Board of Directors
    Medical Director of the University Children's Hospital Zurich
  • Sara Iten, MSc ETH Pharm. Wiss., Member of the Board of Directors
    Managing Director of the Swiss Association of National Health Service and Hospital Pharmacists
  • Dr. iur. Heinz Waser, Member of the Board of Directors
    Executive Member of the Zurich Children's Hospital Eleonor Foundation