Individual dosages for your young patients

PEDeDose makes your everyday work with children's medical care easier. You can easily access, efficiently search for drugs and retrieve the optimal individual dosage for your young patients. PEDeDose is available in three languages - German, French and English.

PEDeDose - tutorial

Below you will find a short tutorial which explains the main features and benefits of PEDeDose and furthermore a few details which might be overlooked at first glance.


Safety first

PEDeDose contains all the important active ingredients used in children's clinics. The data are based on studies and on the experience of the University Children's Hospital Zurich.

Adjusted to your patients

By entering data such as your patient's age and weight, the tool calculates the optimal individual dosage for each selected drug.

Access it at any time

Whether in the clinic, doctor's practice, pharmacy or home office: After registration, you only need an Internet connection to access PEDeDose.

Integrated in your IT

PEDeDose can be integrated into your existing IT systems as a web service. This makes it even easier for you and your employees to access dosage information.

Who can use PEDeDose?


As a healthcare professional, you benefit twice: PEDeDose takes the strain off your everyday life and offers you reliable dosage recommendations.

Pharmacies & doctor’s practices

Offer your young patients more safety with medication by using PEDeDose together with your team.


With PEDeDose you increase the quality of treatment for your young patients and at the same time make everyday life easier for your employees.

Software manufacturers

Do you develop software for healthcare institutions? Integrate PEDeDose and offer your customers an unbeatable advantage.