Drug dosage for children

PEDeDose is finding its way into pediatric institutions and is being used by more and more leading hospitals as well as pharmacies and doctors' practices. The innovative tool facilitates your daily work in the medical care of children. You can efficiently search for medicines and retrieve the optimal individual dosage for your young patients.

Your benefits

Reliable drug dosages

PEDeDose contains all the important active ingredients that are used in pediatric clinics. The medical drug dosages are based on studies, clinical experience or originate from the national database SwissPedDose.

Ready for use

Whether as a clinic, doctor's practice or pharmacy - you can access PEDeDose at any time and from anywhere. Use the tool online or install it locally on your server.

Integrable into IT systems

PEDeDose can be integrated into your existing IT systems as a web service.

Attractive offer for your business

Our prices are as varied as your requirements. Calculate the annual fee of PEDeDose with just a few clicks and find out immediately which cost savings you can benefit from. If you would like to integrate PEDeDose into your existing clinical information system or your medical practice or pharmacy software, we will be happy to provide you with a quotation accordingly. If you are a healthcare institution with several locations or a pharmacy group or chain interested in using PEDeDose, or if your institution is located outside Switzerland or Liechtenstein, please contact us.

Annual fee PEDeDose

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Estimated cost savings

Thanks to PEDeDose you gain efficiency in your daily work and thus save time and costs.

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