Can be integrated into your IT systems as web service

Our innovative medical device PEDeDose actively supports healthcare professionals in the calculation of drug dosages for children. As a web service, PEDeDose can be integrated into your clinical information systems, doctor’s practice or pharmacy software so that your customers can use it efficiently. In this way you create real additional value for your customers and also contribute to making medication safer for children.

Your benefits

Integrate it as a web service

PEDeDose is compatible with existing clinical information systems (CIS) and can be integrated thanks to a web service. We support you in the technical implementation together with our MedTech partner.

Simple connection

If a complete integration is not possible, we offer you an alternative: Use direct links in your IT system, via which your customers can directly access our dosage recommendations.

More safety and efficiency

By integrating PEDeDose into your IT systems, you are offering your customers an additional value: the dosage recommendations calculated individually for the child are available for them directly in the prescription process. In addition, the prescribed dosage can be easily checked, enabling your customers to reduce wrong decisions and make their workflows more efficient.

For the healthcare sector

PEDeDose is a unique eHealth solution that is used in clinics, pharmacies, (pediatric) doctor's practices and by healthcare professionals. PEDeDose is currently marketed primarily in Switzerland, but has the potential for international application.

Information about the web service

With PEDeDose, we want to make medication safer for children and the daily work of healthcare professionals easier. For this reason, it was important to us right from the start to develop PEDeDose in such a way that it is compatible with clinical information systems, doctor’s practice and pharmacy software.

Our web service enables your customers to find out or to check dosages for young patients. And this directly in your IT system, whereby PEDeDose is not visible for the customer. The integration offers various functions that can be individually integrated into the IT system or adapted to the customer's needs, e.g. drug search, product search, indication search, dosage calculation or dose check.

If you are interested or have any other questions, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Technical information

Type: REST
Protocol: http
Data format: JSON
Authentification: IP-Adresse
API specification: Swagger 2.0