PEDeDose calculates dosages for your patients

PEDeDose makes your everyday work with children's medical care easier. With a few clicks and the input of data such as the age and weight of your patient, the tool calculates the optimal individual dosage for each selected drug.


Benefits for healthcare professionals


PEDeDose is a web-based tool in which you can efficiently search for drugs and receive individual dosages for your patients.


PEDeDose contains all the important active ingredients that are used in children's clinics. The data are based on studies and the experience of the University Children's Hospital Zurich and are kept up to date.

Ready for use

You can access PEDeDose at any time and from anywhere. Simply enter the web address, log in and get started.

We continue to develop PEDeDose and add new drugs. Stay up to date with our newsletter, which is aimed at health care and ehealth professionals.

Attractive offer for single users

A special offer for you: Use all functions of PEDeDose free of charge until the end of September 2019. After that you can continue to use the full version for an annual fee, switch to a limited free version or cancel the contract without notice.

Your benefits

Search for drugs

  • Contains all important active ingredients and drugs used in pediatric clinics
  • Data based on studies and experience of the University CHildren's Hospital Zurich

Display of dosages

  • General dosage recommendations for medications

Calculation of dosages

  • Entry of child data such as age and weight of the patient
  • PEDeDose calculates the dosage for your patient for the drug you have selected.

Access to dosage information from other IT systems

  • Get dosage recommendations from other IT systems more efficiently via direct links - without having to enter the search again
For free (until September 2019)